I met an old
lady in Lidl the other day, got talking and she used to live in Pottery fields.
Knew all the old Hunslet players, Anson, Billy Langton, Gabby, Tommy Potter,
Gordon Waite, Artis, Longley, Ormandroyd, Bates, Edison and a load of those of
my generation, and those of more recent times. Coming out of Hunslet originally,
I suppose that is not surprising at the age of 94. But when I discovered her
name, all was explained. Her name is Margaret Brain. As sprightly and
interesting to talk with as a woman half her age. George Ellener, who also came
from the fields, tells me she has a grandson plays with Hunslet Old Boys. Par
for the course of course (no pun intended). A grand old lady, obviously with a
life long love of the Hunslet Club and players past and present.
Ernst Lundy

“Old Mother Benson” asks : “Why is it so many Hunslet people live to be well into their 90’s and beyond?”