I am posting this copy of an e-mail Jarvo sent to Pat Benatmane yesterday.

Good morning Pat,

This morning I have my sensible head on.

Last night I attended the R.L. Cares dinner at the John Smiths stadium it
was a very well organised and a grand event.

In the course of the evening people including Harry Jepson approached
me and said what a magnificent display of memorabilia that Hunslet R.L. had on
show in the day time event.

I told them that I had no input on the display and it
was the hard work of one lady called Pat Benatmane.

Pat on behalf of all the past and present player of Hunslet R.L. I would
like to say thank you very much for all your hard work you put in.

For people
to go out of there way and say thank you for a 1st class display of Hunslet R.L.
history, made my night.


OMB says

p.s.Well Done Pat,Great Job.

p.p.s. Jarvo is recovering from being sensible! His body is not used to that!smiley