BILLY is now 60 years old. Happy birthday Billy from all the Hunslet RL ex Parkside Players.
The Fish had his party last Saturday at the Coach & Horse in Rothwell I was unable to attend and from the feed back I have received I missed out on a great event.
My old pal Phil Horrocks the good looking ex scum half and man of many wives contacted me and informed me that it was a great party.
Billy turned up looking as though he had just got out of a sauna, his excuse was that he had sprinted from his house to the Coach as he needed to build up a thirst.
A very large kiss- a- gram was organised to entertain Billy, so large in fact
every one said she was a computer match
Phil also mentioned that Billy’s old pal Dave Teesdale sent his apologies as he was unable to attend but passed on to Phil £50.00 to buy some beer.
As per usual Phil did not pass it on but made sure the £50.00 went to a good cause.
Billy’s old team mates who attended the party and helped Phil spend the £50.00 that was intended for Billy were , TOMMY TAYLOR, JIMMY CRAMPTON, DAVE MAWSON, JACK RICHARDSON, GARRY SMITH and of course PHIL HORROCKS.

BILLY MAY YOU LIVE TO BE 100 years old and that I am the last person you speak to
Jarvo smiley