The Aussies must have been “Jumping Up & Down like Fleas on a Monkey’s Back” after last weeks result in the England v Italy RL World Cup warm up game,

England nearly pulled off a shock win over The Italian Stallions ( Aka Australia’s Second team)

It just goes to show Steve MacNamara’s studious & detailed preparations over this last two years was well worth the Rugby League’s Investment and time-

if only they would have been able to stay at altitude in South Africa for another month or so , who know’s what the result would have been- they might even been able to scramble an almighty draw!

But that might have been counter productive! If England drank like they did drowning their sorrows last Saturday, how drunk would they have been if they had won!

Rumour has it that Hock did not get sent home for been drunk and missing the swim- he got sent home for “Grassing” on his fellow lubricators!

I wonder if Graham will be sending him a Christmas card this year!

Are England worth a punt now getting 14 start with the Bookies! That is for you experts to decide-

It may have been a clever ploy by The Band-leader Himself Steve to throw total confusion & mayhem into the Aussie ranks- After all he was never going to Pick Hock for the first match anyway, he gives too many silly penalties away!

Playing a loose forward in the half backs again will give the Aussies another False sense of security- after all it has not come off in the last 20 years or so, Its bound to come off sometime- ??????

So Will the Band-leader be playing his own trumpet in a few hours time- or will he be – joining the other Lubricators and having a few “Bars” or even hitting a few Bars for a few Jars!

Two Hours to go!

Lets hope it’s a good game

I wonder what the odds are of an Australia A – v- B final are?

apparently last week Australia “B” were 1000 to 1 to beat England.