“I sometimes
forget my age and often talk to others on the subject of rugby league, and am
sometimes a bit ‘niffed’ when they don’t’ know the names of players I mention.
But the other day while awaiting my turn in the Dracula (blood test) Clinic in
Beeston, I was surprised to see Barry also waiting for his turn. As his Dad
Walter, is long time friend, I asked how he was. Unfortunately now bed-bound at
the age of 97 he is not too well, which was sad to hear, as he used to bowl and
play bowls at Holbeck Moor well into his late eighties. For those (again) who
may not know, his brother ‘Sonny Lee’ was a one time boxer and bookie in South
Leeds, well known and a legend among all who lived in South Leeds, Hunslet and
Plevna in particular; and was also a regular sponsor of amateur sport in the
district. Naturally Barry and I got on to the subject of Hunslet and Parkside,
and were able to discuss the names of players of his day, whom I obviously knew
and had watched. But when I got around to mentioning some from the late forties
who he did not know, he shot me down in flames when he said:”Bloody Hell Ernie,
I was still at school in the infants then”! As he disappeared for his blood test
I thought, Ernie lad, you’re a bit of a dinosaur, well past your sell by date,
and decided there and then that unless asked, I would never again try reveal
rugby or local history from so long ago.

But then again I wouldn’t bank on it.
There ain’t much else to do at 86.”