Keny Sykes posted this comment to Jarvo’s report from the “Palace”

“I don’t remember seeing Mavis at the Palace but I know that most Middleton girls are really pretty.

I did catch the train, just but it took me from Leeds to Garforth to get my breath back. Good night though.”

Old Mother Benson Comments

“The reason Kenny did not see Mavis from Middleton was that she was surrounded by Hords of Hunslet Old Timers- they were like Fly’s round Jam.

They should be ashamed of themselves! at their Age?”

When Kenny was asked how his train spotting was going he replied “Didn’t see any coming to Leeds from York – It’s dark you know”

Which is common sense when you think about it- so we recon his darling wife should buy him night seeing goggles for Christmas!