Last week I received an unexpected email from the Ex Leeds & district rugby league referee and retired magistrate Bernard Shooman. It was regarding a 1968 Leeds R.L. shirt that had gone missing from the R.L. exhibition that was held at the Leeds Central Library. On reading the message I came to the conclusion that Bernard may have been accusing me of involvement in the theft of the century.
I immediately replied to Bernard saying,

I have no idea why you have sent me this email. could it be that you are saying that I am a jersey thief, if so I have a cast-iron defence.

1, I never attended the exhibition at the Leeds Library, the reason been there was nothing of interest for an ex Parkesider.

2. Under no circumstance’s would I allow a Leeds R.L. jersey in my house.

3. It would not have fitted me.

Bernard replied back with grovelling apology saying his eye sight was very poor and he had hit the wrong key on his laptop by mistake and that the message should have gone to another Peter.
With Bernard admitting that his eye sight is poor goes to prove that when he was refereeing and the spectators yelled to him,
ARE YOU BLIND REF. or YOU NEED A PAIR OF GLASSES REF. that they were bang right.