Sorry for the late blog regarding Crampeys night at the Palace.
I had forgot all about it until OMB hit me at the back of the forehead and insisted that I sober up and get on with some work. OMB also asked me why I never have a hangover, Its easy I replied I just stay drunk.
Now back to Crampeys night out.

The Pictures top left Phil Horrocks with Big Andy,TR Ray Abbey,Peter Jarvis and Ronnie Watts
BL Finalist of the Hunslet R.L. Parkside “The Men of Steal” Kenny Sykes,Chris Guy,
Jimmy Crampton,Peter Jarvis,Jack Richardson,Stuart Keane,Phil Horrocks and Ronnie Watts. Br-Jimmy Crampton and Billy Adams.

Jimmy was disappointed that their was not as many showed up as last year. Two of the ex Parksider’s latter sent their apologies.One was Dave Mawson, he could not make it as he slept in.(that’s what he said) also Tommy Taylor could not attend because his wife made him go on a two weeks cruise. you can tell who is the boss at there house.
The lads who did attend were Ray Abbey, Crampey, Chris Guy, Phil Horrocks, Jarvo, OMB also known as Stuart Keane, Jack Richardson, Kenny Sykes and Ronnie Watts. Billy Adams called in but had to go after 10 minuets because he left a customer in his cab with the clock running. It was also good to see Jimmy’s pal big Andy put in a show.
Parkside and Hunslet was the topic of the evening. Ronnie Watts came up with a couple of interesting facts. One was that he was the last Hunslet scrum half to play for Great Britain and also that the ex Leeds forward Don Robinson played for Hunslet at Parkside, another fact is that Ronnie can talk more than Ray Abbey. We all had a great night and if any one as seen any thing of Ken Sykes could they ask him how he his as he was last seen running just like Forrest Gump after the last train to York.
One thing I found out on the night is,


Omb added “As usual on these occasions a few fans and groupies turned up, some were as young as 60- on behalf of the old players i would like to thank them- pictured below is one of the less well preserved who turned up on the night, her name was Mavis form Middleton”

See you all next yea!!!!!