Our esteemed editor in Chief was honoured to be invited to Albert Goldthorpe Memorial Dinner Awards at Headingley last week- this is his report to me of part of the proceedings, he reported this through a cloudy vision of the best Champagne.

“Our own Hunslet Honorary member and present Rugby League President David Oxley C.B.E made a presentation for the “Albert Goldthorpe Achievement Award- and he recalled that the recipient was serving in Italy during the war in the British Army when Italy surrendered, he and his Army colleague found themselves pretty close to the Island of Capri, knowing that prior to the war Gracie Fields the famous English Star of Song, Stage and Films had married an Italian called Monty Banks & owned a villa their. Gracie had entertained the troops during the war and helped raise millions performing in America for the war effort. So with his freind they got some leave and went to try and find out where Gracie lived on Capri.

After much searching they found where Gracie once lived, being ever inquisitive they knocked on the villa door! much to their surprise Gracie herself answered the door-

She invited these speechless army veterans in for a cup of tea and sandwiches- informing them that Her husband had insisted that as soon as the war ended she would return to Capri.

The recipient of this award was the one and only Harry Jepson O.B.E who obviously is and was a Gracie Fields fan! He was invited to stay the night which he accepted with speed!
His pal decided not to take up that invitation but went sightseeing instead around Capri

So Harry spent the night at Gracie Fields Villa. and David told the audience with a glint in his eyes that Gracie’s husband Monty was away at the time.

We must quiz Harry about this after all one of Gracie’s favourite songs was

“The Biggest Aspidistra in the World”
(I wonder who or what was the inspiration for this song?)

Congratulations on Harry on Your award- what more secrets are to be revealed?

Other Hunslet RL ex Parkside Players watching Harry receive this prestigious award included Ken Eyre, Ray Abbey and Frank Watson”

Thanks Peter,well done!

Please see Keith Rowson’s pictures and cuttings in the Archive three page.

Have a nice weekend
Old Mother Benson


By Coincidence it was on this day in 1979 that Gracie Fields died aged 81.