I have just posted ten photo’s from our Archivist Keith Rowson. in Archive 3 page.

Keith informs me that a Rare photo of Hunslet’s U S cavalry man Lucius Banks seen in photo number 3 with L to R: Juke; Fowler; Banks; Randall; Wyburn

On the 26 January 1912 Hunslet astonished the Northern
Union with the announcement that they had signed Lucius Banks a coloured American Cavalry Man, who had been
recommended by a Hunslet committee member after seeing him playing American football. He believed that
Banks prowess at quarter back could be transferred to the rugby field.

Originally from Boston Mass Banks had played
football and had been a sprinter at Arlington High school before joining the US army. Hunslet had bought the
11 stone 5ft8″ athlete out of the army in New York.

He made his d├ębut on the wing scoring a try thanks to a
superb pass from his centre Billy Batten It is believed to be another first for Hunslet, the first to have a coloured player in Rugby League! or Rugby Union

What Keith also informed me was that Hunslet also tried to sign John Wayne,
Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas but they were beaten for their signature not by Leeds or Wigan but by Warner Brothers!

I think Keith should stick to playing with his Sax! – But he has got SAX appeal??

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Old Mother Benson