Last Monday at a Meeting
regarding the Graham “Grabsie” Wilson Charity Presentation night Bob Pickles was voted to be
our associations first “PRESS OFFICER”

Just three days later in Last Night’s Yorkshire Evening Post
20/9/2013- This article was published at the bottom of Page nine:

Well done Bob- from now on you will be known as P.O.PICKLES.

The “Grabsie” night is well on its way in getting
organised, we have only had twenty seven meetings about this prestigious
evening and Ray Abbey will be delivering the Tickets to Peter Jarvis at Jimmy
get together tonight at the “Palace”pub, next to the Leeds
Parish Church.

It is very coincidental that the Hunslet
Parkside ex Players
are getting together next to Leeds Parish Church.

I attended last week a lecture on the history of
Rugby League in Leeds. The lecture was held at the Leeds Library and was given
by the R.L. Historian Professor Tony Collins-Who happens to be an honorary member of our Hunslet R.L. ex Parkside
Players Association.

In part of the lecture he informed the audience
that at the turn of the last century and before the split between Rugby Union,
one of the Dominant rugby teams of the Leeds area was the Leeds Parish Church, the team was run by the vicar of the time the Reverend Cosmo Lang. His team were very pro active in the procuring of
players by any means foul or fair, and the Holbeck Rugby team had paid for three Welsh miners
to come and play for them, on hearing this and that they were due to arrive at
the Leeds Train Station Cosmo Lang went and met them, he hijacked the Welsh
lads to play for his Leeds Church team- So famous had the Leeds Parish Church team
become that they were invited to tour Ireland and after two games the Irish
Rugby Union cancelled the remainder of the tour because of dirty and too robust
play by the Leeds Parish Church Team!

It had been an open secret that for quite a few
years that Cosmo Lang had been illegally paying the players to play for his
team (totally against Rugby Union Laws) and this was the final straw as far as
the Rugby Union were concerned, so they hauled him and his team up before the
R.U. in London- they were subsequently banned from Playing and he, from being an
Indirectly this later led to Leeds R.L. being

Cosmo Lang went on to become
Archbishop of York and in 1928 he was installed to the highest honour in the
Church of England becoming Archbishop
of Canterbury,
an office he
served until 1942. He lived in another Palace, The Palace of Lambeth.

The above Picture is of Cosmo Lang- and should not be confused with our own P.O.-PICKLES
who we must admit does look a little Saintly at times!

Cosmo looks more like Jarvo-

They have allot in common, both were Sinners when it came to Rugby!

So don’t forget we can all end up at the Palace tonight-all are welcome ex Players, Fans and Groupies for this
informal get together ably organised by Jimmy

Unfortunately Cosmo
will not be attending, he is still banned, and as he
died in 1945 we can’t even sneak him in!

Well maybe we could
Spirit him in!

But that would be Underhand and Illegal!

Have a great time tonight- Old Mother Benson