RAY (just a minute can I have three thousands words) ABBEY
needed to attend the local hospital re a pre operation medical, unfortunately
his blood pressure was very high and he was given an appointment to return to
the same hospital two days latter to have his blood pressure rechecked. On the
return visit his blood pressure again checked out very high. The nurse who was
carrying out the medical asked Ray if he would mind if she gave him some advice
that would allow his blood pressure to drop, obviously Ray said please do. The
nurse said to Ray go into the waiting area and SHUT UP TALKING for a few
minutes. After 10 minutes she checked his blood pressure again and guess what
his blood pressure was normal. The moral of this true story is if you
are ever in Rays company and you can not stop him from talking, JUST MENTION HIS

Compiled by Peter Jarvis and dictated to Old Mother Benson in haste as he was going to the Gym!

Jarvo the Gym.