Sammy Pictured in 1948
Looking at the Hunslet 1948 team just about to board the bus
to play a game reminds me of 2 incidents about the Hunslet Prop Sammy Newbound .

Alf “Ginger” Burnell
once told me about the time that Sammy
and the team were playing in Lancashire and because of fog they were late as
they approached “Nant Sarah’s” where
the Hunslet team used to stop and the players would stretch their legs and have
a cuppa with a sandwich.

Because they had been delayed they had the sandwiches
delivered to the bus to eat, Alf continued
to say that Sammy was one of the strongest men in England who had won many
Strongest Men Competitions- he also had a voracious appetite and asked if there were any more sandwiches
left, one of the players spotting a prank to play on Sammy pulled up a piece of loose Grey Lino from the buses floor and
placed it between 2 slices of bread and butter- Sammy eat it with gusto and the
Grey Lino was gone in seconds! Sammy
to the surprise and then laughter of all the players then announced:

“That was the finest Beef Sandwich that he had ever had.”

The second anecdote was that Hunslet RL had many firsts in
Rugby league, we all know about the first to win all four cups and many more
like Billy Langton being the first
Player to Play every game of the season and kick a goal in every Game-

A little known first
for Hunslet at Parkside was that Hunslet were the first team to put Padding
round their Goal Posts – this came about after a game in which Sammy Newbound in his
usual manner charging like a demented bull for the line near the opponents
goalpost, but there were five huge opposing forwards covering at great speed,
there was an inevitable almighty collision of cosmic proportions as Sammy was smashed into the Post.

The Sound of Man Hitting Wood could be heard in Lower

The Hunslet Directors immediately took action before the
next home game to be played in three days time, and came up with the idea of
placing padding on the bottom of the post- This was a wealth and safety measure by the Hunslet Board of Directors-

The Post had been Cracked in that almighty collision, and ever prudent,
the Hunslet Directors decided to protect their investment of a new post costing
£10 and five shillings, so they put padding round the posts to prevent it
happening again- What foresight they had!

Incidentally Sammy held onto the ball during the tackle and Rebounded over the line to score a
try- all he suffered were badly bruised ribs and he played in the next home
game three days later.

This was story was originally told by Harry Jepson O.B.E and interpreted by Old Mother Benson