It was a sad day a week last Sunday when a group of ex Parkside players attended The last Hunslet Hawks game of the season when they played Featherstone at the South Leeds Stadium-( Parkside would be a much nicer name for it) It was a must win game for the Hawks But sadly the were well beaten by the Champions and were unfortunately relegated to the third tear of Rugby League.

It was not always like that with the Hunslet Teams of the past and I have just posted several cuttings in the very kindly sent to us by Bob Tate a long time Hunslet Supporter who first watched Hunslet at Parkside in the 1950s and is still a member of the supporters club today, he was also at the last game v Featherstone.

The first of his clips from the YEP is How Hunslet beat Leeds and they were carrying 2 injured players- all the clips are posted in Archive 3 page, they are from the late 1950.s

Apart from some of the ex Parkside players present at the game their were some of the Players wife’s and partners including Eileen Tindale, Glady’s Tate, Anne Rowson, Ann Culley, Doreen Mularchy, Lynn Keane, Dianne Cole, Margaret Clarke and Diann Jarvis.

They were announced by the MC at the dinner before the game “As The Hunslet Parkside WAGS” now that could be construed as a deprivation of the English Language!

Although some of the players reported to me on the quiet ” that some of them still like to spend money like Wags”

Some of the wife’s had not been in each others company since a Millennium dinner organised by Gordon Tindale way back in the year 2000- Eileen, Glady’s and Lynn in particular made up for lost time- oh how they Talked & Talked. they certainly made up for all those missing years.

Stuart Keane told me afterwards that he had to spray WD 40 on Lynn’s Jaw the next day, and it has been rummerd that Gordon Tindale took some Lock Jaw Cream for Eileen on board their next day flight to Spain and he was charged £20 excess baggage!

Thanks for the Cuttings Bob who has asked me to point out that he is no relation to ex Hunslet Parkside Player Dennis Tate.

Old Mother Benson