We have had the following response from the Harry Earnshaw

The first one came from our revered Archivist Keith Rowson

Hi OMB – regarding Harry Earnshaw – I seem to remember a boot/kit man
taking over from Jim Guy sometime at end of 1950s early 60s he was a Harry (not
sure of surname). Pleasant chap who kept kit in as good order as he could,
always well stitched and boots well repaired. Could this be Chris’s granddad?


and the second one is from our Editor-in-Chief Himself

“Hi Chris, I
played at Parkside in the 60s-70s and I believe your granddad was the grounds
man and boot man. I do think there are some press cuttings re Harry, I will have
a good look around and see if I can find them. Will also telephone some of the
old Parksider’s to see what they remember of your granddad’s time at Parkside



So there you have it Chris it looks for certain your Grandfather was indeed the Groundsman? Kit Man at Parkside.

All the very best Old Mother Benson