Jackie Firns Photo from the 41st reunion- went missing- but after strong representation to our Editor in Chief Peter Jarvis via Dave Mawson a massive search was instigated –
Our Happy Flashing Snapper of PHOTO’S INK of OLD YORK Kenny Sykes, spent Day’s and Nights in his Darkroom and eventually with great persistence and fortitude he found that it had been filed under the wrong heading- A relieved Kenny said“You Can’t get the staff now a day’s?”

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Our Editor apologises to Jack – and hopes he is now happy! Well at least happier than he looks on the photo above!

Only Joking – Actually what happened was that as you know our Happy Snapper hobby is train spotting, and Jack’s photo had been filed in his train spotting section It had been wrongly placed in his “Flying Scotsman” file, which is appropriate really, as Jack was a very speedy wingman!.

But what was the reason for his stern looks in the previously missing Photo!

Could it be that “Tango” Tate had been up to his “Old Wintergreen Tricks”?

Can anyone throw light on this, as Jack is normally always smiling!

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Have a nice weekend