As of the early hours of Wednesday morning the 7th of August
we reached 100.000 Hits on our little T’Old website.

This is quite remarkable when you consider that when we made our site public last January we thought we had done well with 531 Hits-

Last month we had a record of 21,223 hits.

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our website, and also to Peter Jarvis who conceived the idea in the first place-
What a good conceiver he is, and always was!

I do know that we have people watching from as far away as Canada, Belize in Central America and several from Australia, if anyone knows anybody from any other countries that watch please let us know.

If any one would like e-mailing every time we post an update, then please go to the Contact Us page and and send us an e-mail with SUBSCRIBE in the subject box, you can cancel this at any time by typing UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject box.

Well there you have it- someone said that we would have had allot more hits if Eye cud spelll prohourly- butt eye thinc eye ham getin beter!

Keep spreading the news-

Cheers for now

( the picture above shows Old Mother Benson Bribing Jarvo to get the job as the webmaster)

Old Mother Benson