We have had several Comments from Last weeks Posts & Updates, in fact the most we have had for any updates.

Ronnie Dobson wrote:

Hi Old Mother Benson,
The latest Blog and the trip down memory lane is just unbelievable, well


Ron Dobson

has posted a new comment to your post, There are Statistics and Darn Lies.

“Hope you included
me among the thicko’s Peter! I wouldn’t want folk to think I’m intelligent, the
tax man could find me out. But 88,540 hits ‘aint bad for we moronic oval ball

Ernie Lundy has posted a new
comment to your post, The completion of Jimmy Brogden Remembers

“The Hunslet video
was superb! As a Hunslet man all my life, brought up in the Carr, living in Jack
Lane, Beza Street, and the Royals, and later with a shop in Balm Road it took me
back, not only to the days of my youth, but the time after I met my wife to be
from Plevna and we met outside Beetham’s Pawn Shop near the Anchor. In fact my
whole life has been centered in this ordinary yet wonderful place, where in
spite of it being supposedly an area of deprivation, there existed an
indomitable spirit and pride running right through the people, its industry and
sport, perhaps never to be repeated. But one never knows! While ever a vestige
of that spirit remains, anything is possible. If not however, they can never
take our memories away. The Old Hunslet was a special place, with special people
and special men of Sport. History cannot deny it!”

Lundy has posted a new comment to your post, New Computer course,& Jimmy
Crampton The New TECHNO-FILE.???.

“After starting
with an old Amstrad Peter, I’m now into Windows XP 2000 Professional, and
fiddling with facebook which seems to be keeping me up half the night. But what
a joy it is to be able to Google all the facts on sport, particularly RL at the
touch of a button. However I’m still not far enough along the way to dispose of
my book ‘Windows for Dummies’, but do recommend that any who like information on
sport, or indeed anything else, should enrol and, with a bit of luck soon
become, what is known at our age, as ‘A SilverSurfer’. After which further
information will soon be flooding the Blog.”

has posted a new comment to your post, New Computer course,& Jimmy Crampton
The New TECHNO-FILE.???.

“Ernie, I cannot call myself a Silver Surfer I nearly drowned”

Colin Larkin Sent this from Australia.

Hi Peter

Just got home from England, we had the last week in London and I
didn’t have a computer with me

I have read through the ex Parkside players website and I thank you
for the remarks and best wishes for me (in this cooler climate)

I enjoyed the reunion dinner, seeing some of the old players again (
we’re all old now !!)

I enjoyed the night we had at the Buffers, a bit of reminiscing and a
few jokes with good company, give my regards to Mike when you see
him again

If you’re ever in Australia on the Gold Coast, you’ll be very welcome
to stay with us

All the very best for you and Mike

Regards Colin

Old Mother Benson say’s:

“Please keep the comments coming in,Peter and I really appreciate them, and it all helps to make our Little T’Old Website more interesting”.

is now packing his bags for Australia! for his 2 year stay at Colin Larkin’s?

Cheers for now have a Great weekend.