Our Esteemed Editor Peter Jarvis has started giving one to one computer courses for the ex players who are not (so far) computer literate.
The first to enrol was Jimmy Crampton.
The premier lecture was started yesterday- and after 4 hours of intense study and examination of our website, Jimmy spotted two mistakes that Peter had missed.

The first one was the date of a picture sent in by Michael Turner of the Oldham RL Trust in Archive 2 column, (If any one can help with the date please get in touch)and the other was some added literature in the first Archive page, sent in by Brian Culley in the “Royal Connection”article, both these mistakes have been now rectified and/or explained by “Old Mother Benson“(T’old Web-master”).

Well done Jimmy- (We obviously have an Assistant Editor in Chief in waiting).

Jimmy who is pictured above in his role as the volunteer “Curator” (Bouncer) of the
Alf “Ginger”Burnell Exhibition De Art which was held in the foyer at Hilton Hotel, Leeds during the 41st re-union.

Jimmy is looking forward to next weeks lecture titled:

“How to switch the Computer off”

If any other ex player would like to join the course please contact
“Professor Jarvis”