Who has two birthday’s- well we all know the Queen does- Now we can reveal that due to Stuart Keane’s useless spelling- (he suffers from Dyslexcia)- he miss-took the birthday of Ron Hill as 10/7 instead of been 7/10, so Ron Hill’s was the first birthday from our new data gathered at the Reunion- (so Stuart thought.) Ron was sent birthday greetings this Wednesday and he promptly replied “Thanks very Much, my Birth date is 7/10/44- and at my age I don’t need extra ones. all the best Ron.”

I just thought I would let every body know of Stuart’s infallibility- as he keeps taking the proverbial out of me!

Best regards Jarvo.

Stuart replied;

“I do sincerely apologise-

I thought I had made another mistake yesterday! But I was mistaken!”