Well folks it’s been and eventual two weeks for me since our last Blog and updates

My computer went Tityfelue up with a virus- so have not been able to upload anything. I got it back repaired yesterday- so should be OK for a while. I have been accused of looking at “naughty websites” catching a virus their, but that is defiantly not true-Honest!

Peter Jarvis, Kevin Bew, Ray Abbey, Bob Pickles, Keith “First Class” Row-Son, myself and the Manager of the Hunslet Club had a meeting there to discuss the possibility of resurrecting The Graham “Grabsie” Wilson Cup which has not been presented for some years now. More on that at a later date.

I called at the local St Vincent’s today and bumped into our very own Jack Richardson,

Jack is the general manager of the Londis store next door on Lidgett Lane- the manager of the St, Vincent shop came out to talk to me- and I have known Christine since she first started work there a few years ago- what they both did not know was that Jack had played for Hunslet and Christine s father was the one and only the Ex Great Britain, St Helens,Leeds, Castleford and Featherstone prop forward Abe Terry.

They had worked next door to each other for quite some time and not known the Rugby League connection- It’s a small world.

Please see some more photo’s from our “Happy Flashing Snapper” Ken Sykes- taken at our re-union in the ARCHIVE 2 section that I have posted today-

Have a nice weekend and don’t get too sunburned- you know how the majority of Hunslet lads are thin skinned- Peter will be OK though.

Cheers O.M.B.