24 Hours To From T’ULCA

At the time of writing this last blog before the 41st
Re-union it is 24hrs to go!

There have been lots of last minute things to do for our
Organising Board to sort out.

But Peter ,Alan and
are really up for it and take everything in their stride- all cool calm
& collective- No panic whatsoever– Peter
backed his car into his gatepost this week – Alan has started swearing at his lovely wife Maureen and Ray well you all know how Ray is?

I met Peter at
the Asda Store, the one thats near Staningley and Bramley, for a coffee on
Thursday . The Main reason was to put the name badges that we have had made for
each player into their plastic holders- This will be the first time that we
have had these at the re-union. It is by popular request, and will assist us
all with our fading memories of remembering “who was that that I have just been speaking
to?” That is if you haven’t gone blind in
the meantime?

So please wear them with pride-they are also a special memento
of this unique occasion in world sport.

As we were putting the badges together lots of people kept coming
up to Peter (Fans I think) they seemed they were mostly friends, customers and
groupies from his days of been mine host at the Villager in Bramley.

During our Badge’r work we had a phone call from His Honour updating Peter on the players who had prepaid
for the Luncheon, and we made a phone call to our “Flasher” (Kenny Sykes) to check that he had found
his “Box Brownie” Thank goodness he had and he is looking forward to doing the
portrait of us all, which will be taken immediately before the meal starts in
the dining room. So please co-operate with him and we can start
the fun as soon as the Happy Flasher has Flashed for us. Kenny will be ably assisted this year by Alan Griffith’s

Our Freelance reporter from Roundhay, George Hollins reports that
one of our First time Attendee’s 86 year
old Ernest Lundy has had his yearly hair cut especially for the Team Portrait.

Indecently George Hollins was a 12 year old boy
when he went to watch the Hunslet –V- Leeds Championship final at Elland Road
in 1938- His other claim to fame is that he helped capture Heindrich Himmler at the end of World War Two- he actually held a
loaded rifle to his head- but that’s another storey.

A couple of quick things to remember this year as you arrive
at the bar area please go straight to the Check
In desk
that will be manned by Dave
, Pay if you haven’t and we will have someone there also with a computer
please let him check that we are up to date with your contact details including
your contactable e-mail address. You will then pick up your Personal Badge from
Bob Bingham who will ask you to sign
some autograph memorabilia for the Raffle and Auction. That’s it, then make
your way to the bar and buy Jarvo a

Providing his T’ULCA’s not playing up

As Peter and I were leaving the Asda store we bumped into Jamie Peacock with his children unfortunately
we did not have a pen between us, so Jaime
went away disappointed without any autograph’s – it hasn’t been a very good week for
him or the Rhino’s, has it?

Peter rang this
morning to say that we have had a few apologies from players who have had to cancel
at the last minute through various reasons. One of which is Terry Robbins who went in to have some
plastic surgery on his face last week and it has not turned out as he had wished,
he had hoped that he would look more like John Griffiths but his face is all
swelled up- and he looks more like Peter

Can’t wait for the Fun to Start on Sunday at the Hilton, and
then onto the Prospect Inn for late
afternoon tea and scones afterwards. ( Do You know the correct pronunciation
for Scone?-

Before you eat it is pronounced “Scoane” and when you eat it is “SCONE”smiley


Old Mother Benson.