My old pal Tommy, Oh what a sad loss this is for me personally.

We travel through life taking things for granted, especially great friends like Tommy was to me.

We train and play with them three times a week. some players we get to know even better.

Tommy was one of them.We were always out together in our youth,often accompanied by his dear wife Margaret.

We always had Great Times with them both.

And then we have family’s, and with it comes responsibilities and somehow the time we have to see our old pals get less and less.

Then before we know it, we receive this terrible news.

And how we realize that Time Stand’eth Still for no Man.

Not even for the “Great Tommy Waite”

Regrets I have a few

But knowing Tommy Waite was not one of them.

Keeping in touch with him more often is my one biggest regret.

OH How I Miss him

In sadness Peter Jarvis.