Hi all.

I hope that you have got your Boots all polished up for the Re-union?

Don’t leave it to late to get your suits from the Pawn Shop- they will need pressing.

It is as of right now only 8 Day’s 21 minutes and 56 seconds to opening of this 41st event.

And don’t forget to wash behind you ears for the team photo- kindly going to be taken this year by that well known “Flasher of Fine Photo’s” our very own Ken Sykes.

I was at the Hilton this week with Peter Jarvis and His Honor Alan Simpson Checking the last minute details for the Luncheon.(Ray Abbey was on Holiday)

Peter was getting all “Giddy” at the prospect of doing his M Cs bit. His Honor promised to keep him under check if he got out of hand! A quick Kick on his shins under the table will suffice.

All the arrangements were put in place and Sarah Davies the events manager was cool calm and collective (as per usual I am told.) nothing is to much trouble for her.

Very professional.

News has it that Paul Jepson our VIP Guest Speaker is suffering from Stage fright- he is a nervous wreck by all accounts- Lets hope he does not fake a Heart attack to get out of speaking, like he did last year!

We have an addition to the program this year. there will be a showing of some of

Alf “Ginger” Burnell’s master paintings in the bar area- already there has been some interest from an international collector. The Geogeo Clarkeofski Gallery from Milan? have purchased one for their winter collection.

We have had a fascinating amount of Material sent in by one our ex Parkside players

Please read the Royal Connection at the very bottom of the Archive Page it is some of the oldest material that we have had sent to publish- it is well worth a read.

Well i’m getting a touch of the Jarvis’s myself – I can’t wait for Sunday the second of June.

All the best for the weekend

Old Mother Benson in I’m Excited Mode