During these last few months it has been my pleasure to attend at least six of our Re- Union organizing boards meetings in my capacity of being the Webmaster for our new website.

What amazes me is the unbelievable amount of time,effort and dedication that Peter, Ray & Alan put in to bring the annual re-union to fruition, until now I had not appreciated how much an event like ours took to organize.

We owe these “Lads” a round of applause.

This year as of this Morning (Mon 20th May) a total of 89 members of The Hunslet RL Ex Parkside Players Association have expressed their desire to attend a week on Sunday.

Wouldn’t be Great if we could make up to 90, even if it means we dig someone up!

Any Suggestions direct to Peter Jarvis please.


See you all soon- Old Mother Benson