Twenty “odd” players from the Hunslet – v- York teams of 40 years ago were guests of of honour at Hunslet Hawks on Sunday the 27th of April for a pre match luncheon and they were presented to the crowd at half time (see photo from this in the Archive Page) Hunslet Hawks were playing this time and won. So will it be another 40 years for the decider?

It was a very well organised occasion and the players of both teams have asked me to thank Hunslet Hawks Chief “Lady Hawk” Pat Benatmane for all the wonderful work in conceiving this historic event and bringing it to fruition. Pat is a tireless volunteer working non stop helping behind the scenes for Hunslet Hawks:

Well done Pat from all the ex Hunslet Parkside and York Players- Please Keep it Up.

A Great Time Was Had By All-

p.s. Jarvo apologises for a certain ex Hunslet players misuse use of the English vocabulary.