On Saturday the First Ex HUNSLET – BRAMLEY – LEEDS Players Dinner was Hosted at Headingley and Gary Hettherington did a very professional presentation as the MC.

The Hunslet Parkside ex Players were very well represented and the immaculateness of their attire was jealously observed by the other teams from the Leeds area.

The food was very good the drinks were flowing, the Heritage committee displayed some wonderful photos and memorabilia from the Archives of The Hunslet,Bramley & Leeds RL Clubs.

And what must be unique in RL was 88 year old Alf “Ginger” Burnell’s display of of his Master pieces of portrait paintings of Rugby League and other star players in action.

This mercurial son of Hunslet has many talents- who at times could do with coming out of his “Shell” and talking about them. This ex British Lion, WW2 Submariner, Publican, Carpenter, and Pigeon Fancier has had a fascinating life, what a story that would be.

Even the Late Emperor Hirohito new of Alf “Ginger” Burnell- now that is an interesting story.

George Clarke was so impressed by all the paintings that he has made an offer to buy one. They were a talking point of the exhibition. Keep it up Alfsmiley

Ken Eyre just made it in time for the last of the food after he had played in his Captains Drive in Shot Gun Start at his golf club earlier that morning well done Ken- it was nice to see his brother Albert (Alf Burnell’s Driver), as it was to see all the old players from Leeds & Bramley.

Ray Abbey (for Hunslet) made a very good speech, as did Harry Jepson ( for Leeds) and Jamie “The Machine Gun” Jones – Buchanan ( for Bramley) gave a speech that was delivered at such speed that it would have taken two hours if spoken at normal speed-by a normal person.

The “Machine Gun Kid “ recalled how as a child he used to visit the Villager in Bramley and how it had a reputation for people getting knifed- to which the then landlord our very own Editor in Chief and former landlord of the Villager Peter Jarvis “Threatend” to to send him a solicitors letter via Ronnie Teeman who was conveniently in the audience.

Lets set the record straight Peter’s Villager did have a “bit of a reputation” for knife problems! But Peter resolved this by introducing Peter’s Knife Law which read:




There will be no exception to this Rule;

By order of Peter Jarvis – Landlord.


There was Photo Quizz for each table to compete in with a £10k prize in cash to the winning table, needless to say no table won this in spite of many tables trying to cheat including ours.

Every table were invited to join the very worthy Rugby League Cares and I believe everyone in the room joined!

The Proceedings were brought to a conclusion by The one and Only Roy Dickinson who brought the house down with his comical anecdotes. Well Done Roy

It just goes to show that Leeds RL have produced many a great comedian over the years!

Thanks Gary and all your team for hosting a splendid occasion, and I am sure this will become a permanent fixture in The Rugby League Calendar.

Please look in the Archive Page for the names of all the players attending.

Cheers Old Mother Benson.