Do you remember this blog from last month?


“The bookings for the first annual dinner of the ex Players of Hunslet, Bramley and Leeds Rugby League Clubs are looking good, see the details below.

One ex Hunslet player informs us that he played in a very unique game! In the 1960’s a team picked from all three Leeds clubs played the New Zealand tourists at Headingley and this dashing player sent a sublime pass out to Lewis Jones who ran the length of the field. Who was this Player?

It is the same person who will be rushing to Headingley on the 23rd- after playing in his“Captains Drive In” competition at his local Golf Club on the Saturday morning.

He is still as fit as he was in his Rugby playing day’s!

Can you Name This Sporting Great Son of Hunslet?

Answers on a Five Pound note please.”


Well we can now reveal that it was indeed Ken Eyre, Ken was thinking he may have imagined “Was there a City of Leeds X111 that Played the New Zealand Tourist at Headingley in 1961??” This Game was played midweek after the third test. He also thought that if there was a game did he imagine that he played in it?

Well he did play in it. Last Sunday he brought the proof over to Leeds (after visiting Alan Preece in the Nursing Home) and gave me a copy of the program as proof that he was not suffering the Blind Side Prop Disease ( Not knowing When it’s his turn to buy the drinks).

However the program still throw’s up some mystery’s;

They misspelled Kens surname Ayres He also played in the second row!! (Had the selectors gone mad!).

Lewis Jones is not listed in the program? did he play- can anyone clarify this?

Shy Ken has asked me very modestly to direct you to read the comment made by the great Australian Leeds Skipper Keith McLellan in the Club Notes section of the match program below

So if anyone has got any other info on this game please get in touch.

The Hunslet-Leeds-Bramley Dinner that was postponed last month because of the snow is now going to be held on Saturday the 27th of April.

Ken has also sent in a couple of Photo’s when he went for special training to

Bisham Abbey in 1959- He went with Two Hunslet Players and Two Leeds Players-

Who were they?

All will be revealed in the Archive section.