It was a fine turnout for Syd by the ex Hunslet Parkside Players Association they included Ken Eyre,Dennis Tate,Keith Rowson,Ken Sykes,Gordon Tindale and his wife Eileen,Mr & Mrs Brian Culley,Alan Simpson,Ronnie Fletcher,Jimmy Brogden (Jimmy is one of the oldest ex Parkside Players now, 90 years young) and yours truly, also showing their respects were the Lifetime President of Hunslet Hawks, Graham & Margaret Liles.

And last but not least our ever present Editor in Chief Peter Jarvis.

One of Syd’s family are very kindly going to send us for our Archives, copy’s of Syd’s playing memorabilia, there was a very well presented booklet that they had prepared of Syd’s playing career present at the wake for all to see.

R.I.P Sydney Rookes- from all the “Lads”