Sent by Ken Hepples

Dear Stuart & the rest of the team.

So sad to
hear of Syd Rooks Passing away , Our thoughts are with is family.Hope Mike &
Tommy are getting better each day,Best wishes to all in the Parkside team

P.S, Thanks to all involved with the web site, its
great to be able to keep in touch .

Many thanks,

Ken Hepples

(Ex Hunslet Parkside Player)

Sent by Ernest Lundy

Hi Stuart!

Sorry to hear about Syd! He was a very good centre-three, and even
more important a very nice man. You may not know it but his brother Alan played
for Halifax or Wakefield and like me was also an ardent supporter of Leeds
United. Not seen him for years now and I suppose the rest of the family are no
longer around. But like everything else, all passes with time, but the memories
I have of going on buses oprganised by Mrs Rookes to watch Syd, and of course
the rest of the Hunslet team, are some of the best. PS. Hope George has given
you the book on Hunslet’s early days.

Best wishes

(Ex Hunslet Parkside Player)