Old Mother Benson Reports,

Tuesday 29th Jan: Peter Jarvis and myself visited Hunslet Hawks @ South Leeds Stadium- and were shown lots of old Photo’s and documentation from Hunslet RL Parkside. Chief Executive Darren Williams Hawks General Manager Peter Todd and Dear Pat Benatmane had very kindly invited us down to discuss the possibility of “Loaning this fantastic range of Memorabilia” so we could post this on our impending website- We also discussed exploring the possibilities of finding somewhere for a permanent display of Hunslet Memorabilia of RL at Parkside –

Watch this Space.

Pat who in the past was a English teacher when viewing our planned website under construction noticed several spelling mistakes!!! When I pointed out that I “Old Mother Benson”(OMB) was 145 years old, and had never ever had any schooling, she understood and very kindly offered to correct any spelling mistakes in the future prior to publication, this made our Editor in Chief Peter Jarvis (PJ) Chuckle and Smile smiley

Cheers for now.