DATELINE Monday 9th January 2013

Our Special Corespondent “OLD MOTHER BENSON” reports.

Frank celebrated by Kicking off the game between the Hunslet Hawks and the Hunslet All Stars, at the South Leeds Stadium. He was Guest of Honor there Last Sunday.

Frank Played for Hunslet during the second World War, before being transferred to Leeds in 1949.

He is Leeds RL oldest Living ex player and the third oldest of the

“Old Parksiders”. ( Old Mother Benson says:-It must been be the “Purity” of the Hunslet Air from the 1920s! That has contributed to his longevity! smiley).

“Shanks” as he was know because of his somewhat exaggerated “Bow Legs” was a very classy, silky, scrum half with great ball handling skill’s combined with blistering pace made him much admired by friends & foe’s alike.

Happy Birthday Frank, and many more of them. xx